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    White guys are so proud of their ability to be not offended. When one of them tells a rape joke or uses a racial slur, they wink and pat themselves on the back and give endless attaboys for their superior skills in being not offended. They decry the “politically correct” society…

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    It’s like they’re the same person

    I can’t get over how cute this is.

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    Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 - Tracey Emin RA

    Everyone I Have Ever Slept With was a tent appliquéd with 102 names of the people she had slept with up to the time of its creation in 1995. The title is often misinterpreted as a euphemism indicating sexual partners and the work termed “a list of all the people that Emin has ever had sex with”, but is in fact intended more inclusively:

    “Some I’d had a shag with in bed or against a wall some I had just slept with, like my grandma. I used to lay in her bed and hold her hand. We used to listen to the radio together and nod off to sleep. You don’t do that with someone you don’t love and don’t care about.”

    The names include family, friends, drinking partners, lovers and even two numbered foetuses. The name of former boyfriend, Billy Childish, could be seen prominently through the tent opening. The tent was square and coloured blue; its shape was reminiscent of the Margate Shell Grotto, with which Emin was very familiar from childhood; inside on the floor of the tent was the text, "With myself, always myself, never forgetting"

    oh man this is my favorite piece ever. tracey emin is the coolest

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    Sean Mundy xx


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    so we were talking about gender diversity in anthropology and my professor was asking for the definition of each letter in “LGBTQA” and when we got to the A i said “asexual” and my professor says “actually it stands for ally” and i unhinged my jaw and a swarm of locusts flew out of my mouth and attacked every straight person in the room true story

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    son that’s it you’re grounded. i found a rap album hiding under your bed and it was the clean version. i didn’t raise you to be such a nerd

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  13. Tracey Emin - Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made (1996)

    Tracey Emin lived in a locked room in a gallery for fourteen days, with nothing but a lot of empty canvases and art materials, in an attempt to reconcile herself with paintings. Viewed through a series of wide-angle lenses embedded in the walls, Emin could be watched, stark naked, shaking off her painting demons. Starting by making images like the artists she admired (i.e. Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch, Yves Klein), Emin’s two-week art-therapy session resulted in a massive outpouring of autobiographical images, and the discovery of a style all her own. The room was extracted in its entirety, and now exists as an installation work.”

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    Barbara Stanwyck shows how to handle a sleaze in Baby Face, 1933

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    things to say during sex (broadway version):

    • "I’ve got hot pants for you"
    • "toss toss"
    • "sing my angel of music"
    • "ow do ya do my name’s gavroche"
    • "I feel pretty and witty and gay"
    • every single avenue q lyric ever

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